Why choose us?

Proven and reliable security for the Netherlands

The design and construction of modern submarines is a complex, time-consuming, and cost-intensive business. As the most experienced designer and builder of non-nuclear submarines in the world, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems has made many valuable contributions to the development of the latest naval technologies.
Over the past 62 years, we have been contracted to deliver 176 submarines worldwide and we are the world leader in non-nuclear submarines. 70 percent of NATO's conventional submarine fleet comes from our shipyard.
This valuable experience enables us to deliver proven technology within budget, 100% to specification, and within the contracted time schedule. We therefore believe that thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is a safe and reliable choice for the Netherlands.

Advantage through new technologies

We invest in and develop new and future-oriented technologies. The continuous design and construction of submarines allows us to be at the forefront of technology without having to start from scratch when building the new submarines for the Netherlands. Some internationally recognized examples:

• A 4th generation Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) system based on fuel cell technology with zero-emission and extremely low signatures
• Stealth technology
        o Reduction of Target Echo Strength (TES), e.g. diamond shape, tiles
        o Use of non-magnetic materials
        o Acoustic reduction measures
• Facilities for Special Operation Forces (SOF) personnel and equipment
• Sophisticated Combat System based on open architecture design

By being traditionally innovative, we provide navies with flexible and versatile submarines, which are ready for the most diverse mission profiles.

Strong partnerships & collaborations

There is already a strong business and military relationship between Germany and the Netherlands. Thanks to our unique customer network, we enable European collaboration between navies, which can contribute to interoperability, standardisation, and economies of scale.

Working closely with our industrial partners, including our longstanding Dutch partners, we share knowledge and drive innovation together so we can further advance our submarines. This results in cutting-edge technology and further development of naval solutions, and future-proof vessels ready for construction at our yards or selected sites in customer countries.

Meeting Dutch needs

Our commitment is to develop world leading maritime technology today that responds to the customer's requirements.
Given the ending lifespan of the Dutch Walrus class, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems would be proud to build the new submarines for the Netherlands.
To counter an operational gap, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is ready to deliver the new submarines as of 2031, which is well before the timeframe of 2034-2037 that was stated in the letter to Parliament of the State Secretary for Defence of April 1st.
Our high-tech, very complete, yet easily adaptable HDW Class 212CD design is ready to be ordered, is capable to operate in all NATO areas and can be easily customized to meet specific current and even future requirements.
With our customer network we enable collaboration between European navies and contribute to interoperability.

The production process of the 212CD design for the German and Norwegian navies has already started and we are ready to take the same approach in the Netherlands. Thus, we look forward to supporting the Dutch government to accelerate the process and work towards the best possible submarines for the Netherlands in close collaboration with our partners within the Dutch naval industry.



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