European scope
German quality
Built in Holland

New submarines for the Netherlands

We are thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS). We have a history of over 180 years and have been building submarines for over 160 years.

We aim to help the Netherlands build submarines to replace the current Walrus submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Our wealth of submarine building experience enables us to deliver proven technology on budget, on time.

Should we receive the assignment from the Ministry of Defense to build the new submarines, we will partner with the Den Helder-based, navy-owned shipyard, ensuring the vessels are built in the Netherlands and the expertise falls into government-owned hands. With this, we hope to restore a long tradition of Dutch submarine manufacturing and create up to 500 direct and 1,500 indirect jobs in the province of North-Holland.

Our prominent footprint in the market has also made valuable contributions to the development of the newest technologies. We invite the Dutch submarine to become part of our European submarine family.


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