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New submarines for the Netherlands

In times of geopolitical tensions, operating in the North Atlantic underwater domain demands to build up joint European forces and to invest in strategic alliances.
By collaborating in important strategic European programs, we can help building the backbone of submarine operations in the Northern Flank. Find out more about the importance of naval European Collaboration.

With 70% of NATO's non-nuclear submarine fleet coming from our shipyard, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is well-positioned to contribute to collaboration and interoperability within NATO.

The HDW Class 212CD family is specifically optimized for all NATO responsible areas, allowing countries such as Norway, the Netherlands and Germany to join common naval programs and build the backbone of submarine operations in the Northern Flank. Learn more about the new submarines.

We will work towards the best possible submarine for the Netherlands in close collaboration with our partners within the Dutch naval industry to strengthen European naval supply chains by reinforcing Dutch expertise and help sustaining the Dutch maritime industry in the years to come.

Connected geographically, culturally and by joint forces. The Netherlands and Germany – A perfect match!

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