Reinforcing Dutch expertise

Building submarines – together!

We are focused on actively seeking and leveraging industrial consolidation in our European supply chain. With the expansion of our shipyard in Kiel and Wismar, Northern Germany, we almost doubled our capacities and are well prepared to support European naval supply chains with additional production sites.

Further, we already have strong relationships with several Dutch industry partners, including Nedinsco. These companies have been our trusted partners in surface vessels and submarines projects across the globe and will have the opportunity to become part of all current and future naval programs. This will not only help strengthen European naval supply chains but also sustain the Dutch maritime industry in the years to come. We have already signed a number of MOUs with Dutch companies that will function as suppliers in the program if we are invited to build the Dutch submarines.

Significant industrial involvement

Participation of the Netherlands in the HDW Class 212CD program with Norway and Germany could lead to significant economies of scale. With the creation of a "European Family of Submarines" Dutch industrial partners could be involved in a program that comprises more than 12 submarines, leading to significant volumes that help to sustain the maritime technology in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the non-recurring cost for the design process, that sometimes approaches the budget volume of a single submarine, could be shared between the three or even more project partners.

Reinforcing the Dutch Navy Base

The Directie Materiële Instandhouding (DMI) in the Navy Base in Den Helder, is the naval maintenance hub for the Royal Netherlands Navy. Through collaborative R&D and innovation and transfer of expertise, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems will help to build a submarine valley in Den Helder with a wide field of submarine experience. We will be a reliable cooperation partner, just like we've been several times before in surface vessel projects together with Dutch companies such as Nedinsco.


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