The new submarines

Based on the high-level requirements for the replacement of the Walrus submarines shared by the Dutch government in 2018, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems has proposed a high-tech, state-of-the-art submarine for this project based on an existing design: the HDW Class 212CD, which responds to the specific requirements of the Dutch government.
This means that the Dutch submarines will belong to the same submarine family as the Norwegian and German vessels. This will allow the Netherlands to share the costs of development, design, engineering and maintenance with Germany and Norway, and enable delivery as of 2031, within the agreed budget.

Features of the HDW Class 212CD

The signature optimized HDW Class 212A is the predecessor of HDW Class 212CD, which has already proven itself operationally over the past 15 years. Thanks to its unique shape, non-magnetic steel design and highly advanced combat system, the HDW Class 212CD is a pinnacle of stealth technology. This type of submarine is an ideal replacement for the current Walrus submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy to ensure high capability, safety at sea and firm support of national security.

The new generation HDW Class 212CD submarine meets the technical and operational requirements of the Royal Netherlands Navy and ensures worldwide strategic impact:
• Worldwide operations
• Stealthiest design available
     o Significant TES (Target Echo Strength) reduction due to the unique diamond shape design
     o Proven fuel cell-based air independent propulsion provides several weeks of submerged range, with no additional signatures
     o Unique non-magnetic design makes it invisible for upcoming MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detection) sensors
• Huge fire power
• Optimized for Special Operation Forces

The philosophy of evolutionary design

Our goal is to minimize the risks associated with the development process of new submarines. That is why we work according to the philosophy of 'Evolutionary Design'.

The key design philosophy of all HDW Class submarines is design iteration, whereby the best design features of each class evolve into the next iteration, ensuring the new classes of submarines have solid, well-proven MOTS technology, materials and standards. This method of design advancement reduces both the technical and commercial risk within the design, allowing suitable and advanced innovations, without jeopardizing reliable schedule and cost planning.


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