The new submarines

The new submarines

We are able to support quick decisions that current geopolitical developments ask for: the existing HDW Class 212CD E design is the most advanced non-nuclear submarine for worldwide operations and is ready to be ordered and can be delivered in time and in budget. The Dutch submarines will belong to the same submarine family as the Norwegian and German vessels, and be further tailored to the specific expeditionary needs of the Dutch Navy.
The Netherlands will benefit from shared costs of development, design and engineering together with Germany and Norway, and we can deliver the new submarines for the Netherlands as of 2031.

E stands for expeditionary

The signature optimized HDW Class 212A is the predecessor of HDW Class 212CD E, which has already proven itself operationally over the past 15 years. Thanks to its unique shape, non-magnetic steel design, and highly advanced combat system, the new expeditionary submarine HDW Class 212CD E is a pinnacle of stealth technology. This type of submarine is an ideal replacement for the current Walrus submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy, ensuring high capability, safety at sea, and firm support of national security.

The new expeditionary generation HDW Class 212CD E offers:
• Increased displacement (> 3,000 t)
• Increased length (> 80 m)
• Longer endurance
• High accommodation standard for long time missions
• Worldwide deployments
• Enhanced weapon capacities




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