European collaboration

European collaboration

Current geopolitical tensions require European nations to work more closely together and join forces on land, in air and at sea. We are highly committed to support our customers to secure the North Atlantic Flank and build the backbone of joint submarine operations.

Collaboration across several European navies enables significant advantages for building a resistant submarine fleet. Therefore, interoperability of systems is the basis for joint operations. The harmonization of material on a European level will lead to cost-sharing for design, development, production, maintenance and upgrading during the entire lifecycle of submarines. This saves money and time, through sharing of knowledge, experience and non-recurring and sustainment costs across multiple navies, while improving the quality of the submarines.

Our position in the market has enabled us to contribute to international alliances. For example, in 2021 Norway and Germany entered a joint venture to build at least eight new submarines from the HDW Class 212CD family for worldwide deployment. Expanding the HDW 212CD submarine family with expeditionary units will drive broader European collaboration if other nations such as the Netherlands join the alliance.


Not starting from scratch

Thanks to the existing collaboration between Norway and Germany, new submarines to replace the Dutch Walrus Class have already been developed. Based on the HDW Class 212CD submarine, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems can offer an expeditionary design for the Netherlands. Further, with the creation of a "European Family of Submarines", Dutch industrial partners could be involved in a program that comprises more than 12 submarines, leading to significant volumes that help sustain the maritime technology in the Netherlands. We have strong, existing relationships with several Dutch industry partners that already work with us in submarine and surface vessel programs. This approach boosts the local economy through collaborative R&D, transfer of expertise and job creation.

The HDW Class 212CD submarine family is specifically optimized for all NATO responsible areas, allowing countries such as Germany, Norway and the Netherlands to join common naval programs and build the backbone of submarine operations in the Northern Flank.


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