Rescue System HABETaS

HABETaS® – rescue from great depths

This NATO-proven rescue system is an unrivalled solution to ensure the safety of submariners in life-threatening situations.

Although today's safety concepts minimize the risk of an accident resulting in a submarine being unable to return to the surface on its own, navies naturally require solutions that allow crews to save themselves without external assistance if a submarine is incapacitated on the seabed. Whereas free ascent operations are limited to depths of about 180 meters, HABETaS® enables crews to be rescued from significantly greater depths. Our analyses have shown that rescues from a depth of approx. 250 meters are possible. Moreover, HABETaS® has been successfully tested in unmanned operations at depths of up to 540 meters. The limiting factor is no longer technology, but the human body.

Our partner, Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea (AMITS), develops and builds the complex HABETaS® valve technology. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems integrates HABETaS® into the submarine system and is responsible for marketing and sales. The Royal Dutch Navy has installed HABETaS® on their Walrus class submarines and HABETaS® is now the standard tower escape system for the new submarines built by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. Besides its proven submarine refit capability, HABETaS® can easily be incorporated into basically any new platform design, irrespective of whether a submarine has been built by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems or a different shipyard.


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