Reinforcing expertise in the Netherlands

Den Helder

The Dutch expertise center in the field of maintenance of underwater crafts is in the navy base in Den Helder. By establishing indispensable technical and industrial expertise in the field of submarine maintenance here, tkMS increases the existing level of knowledge.

Triple Helix & thyssenkrupp Marine Systems - CSSI

The merger of the Dutch Triple Helix and thyssenkrupp Marine Systems will result in a Centre for Submarine Maintenance and Innovation (CSSI) at the navy base in Den Helder. The CSSI will also combine the operational and technical expertise of both navies. This offers more opportunities for naval shipbuilding.

The CSSI would support regional development and result in the creation of approximately 500 direct jobs and 1,500 indirect jobs, for a period of about 30 years, in the province of North-Holland. We are prepared to invest in this center, for a considerable number of similar submarines. In this way, we can create economies of scale and ensure long-term maintenance and innovation with a dedicated workforce.

Sharing knowledge

In addition to investing in the CSSI, we are also prepared to share our key technologies with Dutch partners. For example, we will exclusively share and transfer our Submarine Key Technology. By also involving knowledge institutes such as TNO, Marin and NLR, our goal is to explore all possible synergies with the Dutch Triple Helix and its submarine knowledge. The local shipyards will also be involved in sharing the knowledge.

How would it work?

With the support of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, the new submarines will not only be built in the Netherlands but can also be equipped there . The construction in Den Helder lays a solid foundation for future maintenance of these submarines during their entire lifespan. It is a constructive public-private partnership that offers opportunities for technology transfer.


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