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Ria Weijnen, Marketing & Communication Manager at Nedinsco

Ria Weijnen is an experienced communications executive. Sporting a very extensive CV, especially within the technical sector, she has been working at Nedinsco, from early 2021. Weijnen has been onboarded at Nedinsco to reaffirm the company's market position and to promote their MOTS (military-off-the-shelf) products.

ImageWhat is the history behind Nedinsco and what does the company do?
Nedinso specializes in the development and production of opto-mechatronic systems, including high-end cameras, day and night solutions, sensor platforms for land and marine applications and 360-degrees optical solutions – all made to superior standards. We also produce periscopes and subparts of periscopes for submarines. The beauty of Nedinsco is that we have our own Research & Development department, which encompasses the design, production, montage and cleanroom, all under one roof. This enables us to guarantee high quality for our entire range of products, holding up to the meticulous industrial and military standards.
Our company is located in Venlo and is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. We have a very special history: Nedinsco (short for Nederlandse Instrumenten Compagnie) was founded in 1921 and originated from Carl Zeiss Jena, the German pioneer in optical technology. A century later, we are still fabricating products similar to those from 100 years ago, such as long-distance lenses and cameras. Our main focus is to live by our key values: Continuously innovate and deliver quality.

Where do you see opportunities for innovation within your company and sector?
Our chances for innovation lie particularly within the improvement of camera software. Military exploration vehicles, for example, are equipped with day- and night-vision cameras. Our latest technology offers solutions that allow us to merge these images. This way, the person operating the tank always maintains good vision. Even when the weather is poor, when there's lots of smoke or they experience heavy vibrations.
Right now, circa. 80% of our business is focused on defence. Over the next five years, it's our ambition to double our turnover, leveraging our highly advanced products to play a key role in this undertaking. An example of this is the "ruggedized" housing in which we integrate our high-tech cameras. In short, ruggedized housing means that it's tough to break and can certainly handle heavy impact. Our visual solutions need to remain functional under extreme conditions. Rain, sand, vibrations and extreme temperatures can pose threats to optical systems that are being used in extraordinary situations. Our products are therefore tested at temperatures ranging between -46 and +70 degrees Celcius, the undergo shock-tests and are inspected for functionality in high-humidity environments.
“We are striving to keep developing our products and elevating our ways of working. That is why our key values are very important to us: innovation, quality, reliability, and partnership.”

What does your partnership with tkMS look like?
tkMS has asked us to collaborate on the Walrus-replacement program (for which the tender is now running). This will be the first project in which we are working directly with tkMS, but indirectly we have been in close liaison with them for decades. Our partner Hensoldt GmbHin Oberkochen, Germany has been working with tkMS on marine projects for the last 30 to 40 years. Those projects are usually a long-term commitment, as it can take up to 10 years before the contracts are signed. As a supplier, it's vital to be involved from the early stages of these projects, to be able to profile yourself as 'preferred supplier'. Such extensive project preparations require us to build a good working relationship, in which tkMS sees us more as a partner rather than just a supplier.

Where do you see growth in the future?
Nedinsco proves with their innovations and products that it is possible to provide multiple highly sensitive cameras and sensors in one holistic solution, while guaranteeing that the system operates flawlessly in all conditions. Software and electronics are becoming increasingly important in further developing such intricate systems. The ability to translate images into information, and to combine images (i.e. day- and night-vision) is consistently gaining importance and shape future of Nedinsco.
Nedinsco will increasingly focus on providing military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) products. In the past, all products were custom made. Nowadays, we manufacture modular, trialed and tested products, which can then be customized to specific customer needs. Due to standardization, products are already available 'on the shelf', which means we can deliver quicker. Furthermore, we are noticing a movement towards an increased European defensive collaboration, especially in our sector. The Dutch marine sector already has a lot of knowledge and expertise in-house; certainly, the Netherlands can also contribute to- and profit from this European cross-pollination.
We are striving to keep developing our products and elevating our ways of working. That is why our key values are very important to us: innovation, quality, reliability, and partnership. 'Partnership' in particular plays a crucial part in our relationship with tkMS. We are working hard to uphold our good name and deliver great results. Together, that is the perfect recipe for a sustainable collaboration with happy customers.

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