New submarines for the Netherlands

We are thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, a global market leader in non-nuclear submarine building with 180+ years of naval engineering expertise and Germany's largest Naval Defense Company.

With 70% of NATO's non-nuclear submarine fleet coming from our shipyard, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is well-positioned to contribute to collaboration and interoperability within NATO.

Our state-of-the art, existing HDW Class 212CD design is the most advanced non-nuclear submarine and is ready to be ordered and optimized for worldwide operations in all NATO responsible areas.

Current geopolitical developments require our customers, including the Netherlands, to invest in strategic alliances. We can facilitate this process because we are ready and able to deliver new submarines for the Netherlands as of 2031 within budget, in line with specification and within the contracted time schedule.
We will work towards the best possible submarine for the Netherlands in close collaboration with our partners within the Dutch naval industry.


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