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Designing and building modern non-nuclear AIP submarines is a complex, time-consuming and cost-intensive affair. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is the most experienced submarine designer and builder in the world. Since 1960, we have built more than 160 non-nuclear submarines for twenty different Navies worldwide. 13 submarines with HDW Fuel Cell Systems are operated by NATO members while 6 more submarines are under construction at present. In total, more than 70% of NATO's non-nuclear submarines have been designed by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems.

One of our key differentiators and basis for our reliability is our workforce. Approximately 2,500 experienced employees that work in our submarine branch, including approximately 1,800 specialized engineers, are continuously working on submarine excellence and that results in solid and reliable production, sustainment and innovation of our products.

Partly stimulated by the German government, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems invest a lot in new technologies such as Air Independent Propulsion (AIP), signature reduction (stealth optimization) and a multifunctional missile system against helicopters, ships and coastal targets. As a result, navies have a flexible and versatile fighting platform for future warfare and a submarine ready for the most diversified mission profiles.


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