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Replacement of the Walrus submarines

The current four Dutch Walrus class submarines have been in use since 1990. At the time, they had an indicated lifespan of 25 years. Over time, these boats have been modernized so that they can remain operational until 2027. In order to be able to replace the submarines after that time, the Dutch government started preparations in 2015.

In the Parliamentary letter 'The future of the Dutch submarine service', is described that the military capacity to operate underwater is of great importance for the Netherlands, given its large seaports and maritime interests in Europe, the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

In accordance with the Defense Material Process, the functional requirements are being mapped out in the B-phase (the study phase), which also identifies the acquisition alternatives and examines the possibilities for international and European cooperation. The final decision on the replacement of the submarines will be made in 2019.

As the most experienced and the innovative designers and builders of non-nuclear submarines thyssenkrupp Marine Systems offers the delivery of naval systems along with operational durability, financial sustainability and the strong possibility of  international cooperation.

The new submarine generation of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems meets all technical and operational requirements of the Royal Navy of The Netherlands:

  1. Strategic influence
  2. Huge & precise maritime striking power
  3. Global collection, analysis and sharing intelligence
  4. Special operations

In addition, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems offers several options which make the new submarines unique for the Royal Netherlands Navy, such as:

  • Possibilities for extended range and accommodation
  • Applying a unique combat management system and payload

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