Built in Holland

Together with the Dutch industry

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is ready to exclusively share and transfer our Submarine Key Technology in accordance with the Dutch requirements with regard to the full scope of Industrial Participation. Including knowledge institutes, like TNO, Marin and NLR we aim to explore all possible synergies with the Dutch Triple Helix and its submarine knowledge base. We explicitly highlight that such sharing of know-how includes local shipyards.

HDW Class Submarines can be built entirely in the Netherlands with the support of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. Building the submarines in Den Helder is a perfect preparation for sustaining them during their whole life-cycle. It resembles a good public-private partnership and creates opportunities for transfer of technology. Therefore, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is also ready to invest in and co-develop a Center for Submarine Sustainment and Innovation in Den Helder for a substantial number of similar submarines to create economies of scale and guarantee long-term sustainment and innovation with a dedicated workforce.


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